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1 review Written on: Age: 20 - 25 years
Amazing Box Set!

A must-have item for all the DOWN BELOW fans out there!

The wooden box is a masterpiece! Really nicely sculpted and pretty pig too! An excellent jewellery case for the ladies I must say!

The flag-poster will make your walls begging you for it!

I don't really get the LED light but I appreciate the originality of the idea and the quality though!

Last but not least, I have to admit that I was never a fan of that lanyard thing generally, but this one never has left my pocket since I got it!

DOWN BELOW is a band who really appreciates the love of their fans and try to pay back with this one, and I think they managed it!

Order now or regret forever guys! If you are a fan you must have it!

P.S The album will blow your brains out!

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